Washington, D.C. Photo Shoot

While interning for Voice of America in Washington, D.C., I became friends with P.K. White through the internship program we were both involved in. P.K. was interning on Capitol Hill and asked me to take pictures of him for his LinkedIn page, so we ended up having a full-blown photo shoot after he got off work that day. 

Shot with Panasonic Lumix G85


“Shrouded” BTS

I was asked to take behind-the-scenes pictures of another student film, “Shrouded,” by Joshua Noel for his senior thesis project at Flagler College. The scenery on set was beautiful and taking pictures for this project was challenging as this was my first time using a Canon EOS 60D. These scenes were shot in a pier on Anastasia Island in St. Augustine, FL.

“In Search of Noelle” BTS 

I was asked by the producer of a student film to shoot some more “behind-the-scenes” photos during production. The movie, “In Search of Noelle,” was Alexa Wint’s senior thesis project for her major at Flagler College.

Sexual Assault Among College Students

My goal for this photo series was to photograph victims of sexual assault at the locations of their assault. Rape among college students is a very serious issue that does not get the attention it deserves. For some of these pictures, stand-ins/models were used in place of actual victims due to the sensitivity of this subject and to keep the victim anonymous.

Humans of St. Augustine

I had the opportunity to speak to a handful of strangers in downtown St. Augustine, FL, about their lives and some of the things on their minds. After speaking with them, I asked if I could photograph them as they would like to be captured. 

Day in the Life of Mayor of St. Augustine

I spent a full day with the Mayor of St. Augustine, Nancy Shaver, to get a better picture of what a complete day as mayor would be like.

Originally published November 2017



Day in the Life of a College Athlete: Frankie Martello

This photo series depicts Frankie Martello, a Flagler College baseball player, taking me through what a typical day of his looks like while explaining what it’s like to attend classes alongside his tight sport schedule.