Written work

Indoek: Life in Ponce

Written by Kyra Shportun

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Indoek’s theme is “rooted in surf culture and the creative community surrounding it,” and is displayed through travel logs, silkscreen prints and community-focused print issues, according to Indoek.

I and other students at Flagler College wrote pieces about the different quirks of the St. Augustine community for Indoek’s St. Augustine issue, published in August 2018. The article that I wrote focused on what it was like as a freshman in college living in a national historic landmark, Ponce De Leon Hotel.

Daytona Bike Week: Women Ride On

Written by Kyra Shportun


In the midst of Daytona Bike Week in Daytona, FL, Tracy “Nice Lady” Brouwer, a motorcyclist of 45 years, describes what life is like as a woman rider. The story details the stereotypes surrounding female riders as well as what she has done to earn respect for herself among the bike community. After putting over 105,000 miles on her bike, Nice Lady told me her story as we walked down Main Street.

Jorge Rivera: Actor, Firefighter, Translator, Tonight Show Host…Shall I go on? 

Written by Kyra Shportun

Photo by Brittany Groy

Jorge Rivera, a New York native, has lived many lives over the years as an actor, electrician, hospital translator, firefighter, tonight show host, world traveler and more.  His life can serve as an inspiration to many to pursue passions fearlessly and at all costs.

Campaign Text Messages: Effective or Invasive? 

Written by Kyra Shportun


As young people’s rise in activism within politics surges, text messaging has become the current favorite campaign strategy of political candidates to get the young voters to the polls.